Thoughtful Gifts For People You Don’t Know

Throughout the holiday season, you’re sure to receive a gift from someone you work with. Whether you were expecting the gift or not, you’ll suddenly panic and feel as though you need to show that person the same courtesy! It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for an acquaintance or someone you don’t really know that well, but these thoughtful gifts will muster a heartfelt appreciation. Keep a few of these gift ideas laying around this holiday season to have ready to give when you receive that unexpected gift.  

 Prouna Marble Venice Fog Mug 4"H

Mugs. Who doesn’t love a cup of tea or coffee to start their day? Mugs are an extremely neutral gift that is perfect for that person you don’t know so well. Even if the person you’re gifting the mug to doesn’t drink coffee or tea, they can still find other uses for the mug, like pencil storage. If you feel like the mug needs a bit more, fill it with your favorite candy and wrap it in cellophane. The Pink Daisy carries a variety of mugs, so you’re sure to find one that you feel comfortable giving to anyone.

Juliska Forest Walk Apron
Kitchen Apron. Men and women alike work tirelessly in the kitchen to bring their friends and family the best home-cooked meals, making an apron the perfect gift this holiday season. Express gratitude to your favorite home chef with this  Juliska Forest Walk Apron. Adorned with gifts of the harvest, this apron is an ode to all of the Earth’s natural beauty and useful for anyone who knows their way around the kitchen. Though this particular look is geared towards females, the idea of giving an apron can work for anyone 

Simon Pearce Bloomfield Ornament In A Gift Box

Decorative Ornaments. Stock up on a variety of decorative ornaments to give as reciprocal gifts this holiday season. Simon Pearce offers a few beautiful decorative ornaments that will fit into the theme of any holiday tree. The Chelsea Optic Drop is a stunning display of curves and twists while the Bloomfield Ornament has unique contours. Each will reflect the shimmer of light anywhere they’re hung. Plus, each ornament comes in its own gift box, so there’s no wrapping involved!

Erbario Toscano Tuberose, Amber, Lavender Mini Soap Set
Soap Sets. These soap sets are a safe bet when it comes to gift giving. The best part is that the lucky recipient can use the soap for themselves or offer it as a gift to someone else if they don’t enjoy the scent. The Erbario Toscano Black Pepper Set is ideal for men, featuring a gentle cleanser and soap made with vegetable oils, while the Erbario Toscano Tuberose, Amber, & Lavender Mini Soap Set is more gender neutral.


Be prepared to give to anyone with these gift ideas from The Pink Daisy.


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