Valentine’s Day 2016 Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might be scrambling for gift ideas for your special someone. But, there’s no need to fear – keep reading to learn about some of our favorite items that your sweetie will be sure to love.

Waterford Heart Ring Holder  Vera Wang Wedgwood With Love Gold Compact Mirror 3" Michael Aram Heart Mini Jewelry Box 4"W x 5"L x 2"H Waterford Giftology Heart Paperweight Mariposa Open Heart Frame 4 x 6


If your wife or girlfriend is often losing jewelry, or just doesn’t know where to safely place her pieces before a shower, she will love the Waterford Heart Ring Holder. This beautiful crystal heart-shaped ring tray is perfect for storing rings, necklaces or earrings.

Maybe your leading lady is always on the go, or you notice that she is often running into powder rooms to touch up her hair and makeup – if so, this Vera Wang Wedgwood With Love Gold Compact Mirror  will be her new best friend. This elegant compact mirror inspired by Vera Wang’s iconic jewelry collection is perfect for carrying while on the go.

Whether your loved one has too much jewelry that she knows what to do with or just needs a place to store special items, she will go crazy over this Michael Aram Heart Mini Jewelry Box. This mini box is absolutely adorable with its heart detailing and embroidered leatherette and ultrasuede sides.

If you are searching for a gift that will remind your sweetheart of you while she’s at work, then this Waterford Giftology Heart Paperweight will be sure to do the trick. This gorgeous heart-shaped paperweight is packaged in a pink tin with the message “You just found the perfect gift” written on it, serving as a constant reminder of your love. 

If you want to impress your loved one with something more on the sentimental side, print out a 4×6 of your favorite photo and gift it to her in this lovely Mariposa Open Heart Frame. Featuring a unique etched shape and open keyhole heart detail, this frame will quickly become a keepsake for the both of you.

Be sure to check out all of the beautiful items The Pink Daisy offers for an easy way to impress your loved one on Valentine’s Day.



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