The Importance of Luxury Bedding

Since we spend a third of our lives in the bedroom, it’s one of the best places to add a little luxury. The best part is that you don’t have to do a complete renovation to achieve this aesthetic. You can simply upgrade your bedding. Luxury bedding is an investment worth making since you’re (hopefully) spending at least seven hours a night sleeping. Discover the importance of luxury bedding and why you should swap your sheets as soon as possible.  

Elevate the overall look of your room.         

Your bedroom can be your sanctuary. It’s where you go to unwind and rest after a long day. You probably picked colors that soothed and calmed you when painting your room. But you don’t have to stop with the walls. The bedding you choose adds to the look, feel, and, most importantly, the comfort of the overall space. Luxury bedding transforms your bed into a spot you don’t want to leave and takes the room from ordinary to extraordinary. Use luxury bedding to build your ideal relaxing oasis rather than settling for bedding that merely works or coordinates with your room. 

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Get a better night’s sleep.

When you get a better night’s sleep, your body takes note. Better quality sleep has such an impact on our overall health, affecting our immune systems and keeping our energy levels up to meet the demands of our busy lives. The materials and fabrics used in luxury bedding are natural fibers without synthetic materials and chemicals, which helps us achieve a good night’s rest. Natural fibers keep you cooler all night long, meaning fewer interruptions throughout the night. And these fibers are anti-microbial and reduce irritation to the skin—a plus for those with sensitive skin.    

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Save money down the line by replacing your bedding less.

It may sound contradictory that luxury bedding is ultimately more affordable, but it’s true. This bedding is distinguished by its look and feel, goes way beyond average linens. It is made with superior design and craftsmanship, which means the materials last longer than average bedding. So, while luxury bedding is an upfront investment, it ultimately saves you money in the long run by not having to replace worn bedding as often.    

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Upgrade your bedding for sustainable options. 

Traditionally, the natural fibers used in bedding are cotton or silk. But today’s luxury bedding also includes natural fibers like linen, bamboo, and even eucalyptus. These materials are typically organic and more environmentally friendly. So, you’re not only upgrading the look and feel of your bed, but you’re helping support the environment too.      

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Customize the look of your bedding.

Many people are leaning toward customization regarding the items inside their homes. They’re customizing everything from furniture to window treatments and, of course, bedding. With luxury bedding, you can mix and match all sorts of shams, coverlets, and comforters in an array of colors and patterns to create your unique look. Then, you can add in accents and furnishings to build a room around your custom bedding.      

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Shop Pink Daisy’s Luxury Bedding Selections

If there’s one area to invest in luxury, it’s where you spend a third of your life. Luxury bedding is not just an investment in luxury but also an investment in your health and wellbeing. Your relaxing oasis awaits! Are you ready to transform your bedroom and upgrade your bedding for better quality options? Check out John Robshaw’s luxury bedding available at Pink Daisy. 

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