Cocktail Party Hosting Tips

Cocktail parties are a type of gathering that will never go out of style. Hosting one is a fun and exciting way to entertain all kinds of guests. As the host, you can experiment with different types of drinks and food without the pressure of creating a whole meal — it’s all about finger foods! Here are ten tips for hosting an unforgettable cocktail party. 

Choose a theme or style.

When deciding to host any party, the first step should be determining a theme. Themes set the tone and help you when you’re writing a shopping list and figuring out a color scheme. For your cocktail party, choose something that showcases your personality (sweet, spicy, old fashioned,etc.) and decorate accordingly.

Make a bar. 

A cocktail party is all about the drinks, after all. So, choosing a space in your home that will be the designated spot to grab beverages will make it easier for you as the host since you won’t have to play bartender all night. Your home doesn’t need to have an actual bar in it to create one. Use any table, countertop, or even a bar cart, for drinks, garnishes, mixers, and napkins. 

Create a drink menu. 

Everyone has their preferred drink of choice, but as the host, you should limit the options to what you’re comfortable serving. Creating a menu lets you buy supplies for specific drinks, and then you go from there. Set out a few different wines and spirits as well as mixers. The safest options include red wine, white wine, vodka, and whiskey. Include cups, chopped up fruit, straws, and ice, so that people can make their own if they don’t love your menu.

Use a variety of glasses. 

Cocktail Shaker

Choosing the perfect glasses is essential for creating the best cocktail party! You want to ensure that your guests have the best time, and setting up a variety of glasses for them to use will make the party even more festive. It would be best if you had tumblers, martini glasses, and wine glasses on hand. The Arte Italica Valentina Cocktail Glasses are the perfect combination of modern and traditional.   

Shake it up. 

Don’t forget the cocktail shaker! Depending on what type of drinks your guests choose to imbibe, a cocktail shaker makes it easier to mix drinks fast. The Mary Jurek Silhouette Scalloped Cocktail Shaker is sleek and beautiful and can fit in perfectly with any cocktail party theme.  

Fill a pitcher. 

Instead of spending all of your time at the bar making drinks, set out a pitcher filled with a signature cocktail. Since you will already have a menu created for the night, a signature cocktail stops you from having to mix a new drink for each guest. The Arte Italica Taverna Brussels Pitcher is a traditional option for homing your mixed drink in bulk! Consider using two pitchers; one for alcoholic beverages and another for water!  

Make a cheese board.  

A cheese board is an absolute must for your cocktail party. Whether you’re serving a full buffet of food or setting out a few tapas, a cheese board is an easy and tasty way to keep your guests mingling and munching. The Nambe Pulse Cheese Board has a sleek design that adds a bit of glamour to any gathering.  

Set out chips and dip. Chip and Dip Tray

Chips and dip is an easy and cost-effective snack for your cocktail party. The Arthur Court Grape Round Chip & Dip is the perfect size for hummus, guacamole, queso, or any other dip you may fancy. Plus, you can spread the chips or pita around the tray, so there’s less clean up. 

Don’t forget the nuts and candy! 

Another easy way to keep your guests happy during a cocktail party is by setting out nuts and candy. Snacks you can pick at or eat while walking around are a must for a cocktail party. Finding the perfect dish for these foods will take away some stress. The Beatriz Ball Mid-Century Arvid Oval Bowl can be used for nuts, candies, or even salsa, guacamole, or queso!  

Plan for spills. 

You never know when you’ll need a napkin. The Mariposa Cocktail Napkin Box with Champagne Bottle Weight is both functional and stylish. It ties into the cocktail party vibe since the weight is a mini champagne bottle.  

Thinking of having a cocktail party? Follow our hosting tips, and your party will be a memorable one. Choose The Pink Daisy for your cocktail party must-haves! 

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