The Best Engagement Gift For Every Couple

It seems like everywhere you look, someone is getting engaged. Say “Congratulations” before the happy couple says “I do” with a unique engagement gift from the Pink Daisy. This list covers all of your engagement gift needs with an array of price points that’ll suit anyone and everyone. 

Browse below to discover the best engagement gift for every couple: 

Ring Holders

Ring HolderThe engaged couple will need something to hold their engagement rings (as well as their wedding rings) when they’re not wearing them. That’s why ring holders are a great gift option. The Pink Daisy offers a variety of ring holders, so you could even consider getting two – one that matches each person’s unique style and personality. 

His & Hers Highballs

His and Hers Highballs
Does the couple like to unwind with cocktails after a long day at work? Then, you should gift them with a set of Kate Spade, “His & Hers” Highballs. With these personalized glasses, there will be no drink mix-ups in their household.

Cake Knife & Server Set

Cake and Knife Server Set
Eventually, the couple is going to cut the cake at their wedding, so why not give them a cake knife & server? This set from Nambe features two interlocking circles which symbolize the two lives that will join together as one, making it an extra heartfelt gift. 

Toasting Flutes

Toasting Flutes
On the big day, many couples raise a toast to their love and commitment, so the Royal Doulton Hearts Toasting Flutes are a fantastic gift option. They are engraved with a gorgeous double heart pattern and can be reused by the couple each year on their anniversary. 

Wedding Announcement Frame

Wedding Announcement FrameCouples can look back at their wedding announcement every day when they are gifted with the Waterford Wedding Announcement Frame. Their wedding invitation stands right next to one of their engagement or wedding day photos, keeping them on display and cherished forever.


Does your couple have a green thumb or love the look of fresh flowers? Give them a vase. Search our various styles to find a pattern the happy couple will fall in love with. 


Picture Frame
Frames are the perfect way to wrap-up memories. Whether the couple puts a picture from their past or the day they got engaged in it, you can never go wrong with a Kate Spade picture frame. 

Champagne Saucer

Champagne Saucer
If the couple you know is not a huge fan of champagne, a pair of champagne saucers are still a suitable gift. Though they’re most commonly used for sparkling wines, they can also be used for other drinks like beer or sparkling cider. The “His & Hers” engravings make any drink a festive one!

Monogrammed Pitcher 

Monogrammed Pitcher
A monogrammed pitcher is perfect for the couple who likes to entertain. Sure, it can be used every day, but a personalized pitcher really makes a statement at a party. Not only is it a functional gift, but it also can be decorative.

When in doubt- gift card it out

If you are really unsure of what to purchase the newly engaged couple, a gift card is a perfect solution. This way, the couple has the freedom to buy something they are sure to love. Plus, you can choose the value of the gift card, which makes it affordable for every budget. 

Whether you’re best friends with the couple or a distant relative, finding the perfect gift is made easy thanks to our various options. And, if you are a newly engaged couple looking for those extra special household items, register on The Pink Daisy for your big day. 

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