Entertaining outside in the fresh air calls for break-resistant dishes. Acrylic and melamine dinnerware is made for the outdoors. It’s durable, shatter-resistant and just as beautiful as your favorite ceramic pieces. Summertime is when we love to entertain outdoors. Melamine is a tough material. It’s the most break-resistant dinnerware, after all. It won’t shatter or chip if dropped on a rock or hard outdoor surface. It’s lightweight, too. If a melamine plate or cup does drop outside, it’ll more than likely tap the ground and bounce. And because you can’t have a great dinnerware set without a few wine glasses to sip from, try acrylic. Will they break if you drop them? No way. These glasses are made with acrylic—not real glass—making them durable and even shatter-resistant. You can shop for melamine dinnerware and acrylic glasses at Beatriz Ball, Juliska, LeCadeauxMario Luca GiustiQ Squared NYC

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