Ice Cream Party Accessories

Whether you’re on your couch bingeing a TV show or hosting a birthday party, one thing is for sure- we all scream for ice cream on hot summer days! Face it, there’s nothing more refreshing and delicious than a scoop from your favorite pint. It’s even better when you can share the moment with friends and family, and summer is the perfect season to throw an ice cream party. Pink Daisy has all the essentials you need to put together the perfect sundae bar. Here are some of our favorites:

Juliska Iberian Journey Indigo Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl 6" W x 3.5" H

Juliska Iberian Journey Indigo Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl

Everyone loves an item that has a dual purpose and this bowl is perfect for ice cream or cereal. It’s part of the Wanderlust Collection and was inspired by the sandy Iberian coast which is ideal for a summer soiree. The cobalt blue pattern on the bowl is a nod to the tiles seen throughout the coast. Stock up on these bowls because all of your party guests will want to use one.

Sambonet Symbol Ice Cream Spoon, 5 1/4"

Sambonet Symbol Ice Cream Spoon

If you want to feel like you’re eating ice cream at a five-star restaurant overlooking the ocean, then this is the ice cream spoon for you. Its stainless steel has a bright, polished finish and is dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze. Since you’ll be hosting an ice cream party, you may want to check out the five-piece place setting this spoon belongs to. Or, you can keep the luxury to yourself!

Mary Jurek Penguin Ice Cream Holder 4½" x 7½"

Mary Jurek Penguin Ice Cream Holder

Placing ice cream cartons on the table isn’t your thing? Don’t worry, the Mary Jurek Penguin Ice Cream Holder has you covered. This unique stainless steel canister is exquisitely hand carved in wax, cast in brass and nickel-plated. Plus, it’s individually crafted by skilled artisans making it a conversation piece.

Arthur Court Horse Ice Cream Scoop

Arthur Court Horse Ice Cream Scoop

For the animal- or race track- lover, the Arthur Court Horse Ice Cream Scoop is calling your name. The cast aluminum scooper features dramatic design elements of flowing manes and pounding hooves. Horse lovers will be in awe of this exquisite scooper and it adds a nice touch to any Kentucky Derby party.

Now that you have the fundamentals covered, all that’s missing is a variety of your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings. Invite your friends over and serve up the finest sundae bar with Pink Daisy’s ice cream accessories. 

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