Lemon Inspired Tableware

Lemons are a beautifully versatile fruit with culinary and cleaning uses. In addition to being flavorful and useful, they make for vibrant decor and tableware! The Pink Daisy offers lemon inspired products that will help show off your style and great taste this summer.

Michael Aram Lemonwood Candle

Michael Aram Lemonwood Candle

Lemonwood is a vivid fragrance that combines the herbal and grassy heart of citrus scent making your home feel fresh and clean. Our Michael Aram Lemonwood Candle is framed in weightless, subtle glass, decorated beautifully with a lemon figure up-top the lid to make the candle a classic piece of décor even when it’s not lit.

 Caspari Lemons Placemat Die Cut 4 Per Set

Caspari Lemons Placemat Die Cut 4 Per Set

These lemon printed placemats will add just the right amount of summer-inspired style to your home. The rich pops of green and yellow are sure to match any dining set. Their easy wipe-to-clean material makes them durable enough for indoor or outdoor dining.

 Emilio Robba Flower Bowl Lemon & Lime Slices 10"ø x 4.25"h

Emilio Robba Flower Bowl Lemon & Lime Slices

Lemons are front and center of this Emilio Robba Flower Bowl. Let this bowl inspire your creativity by having it be a part of a beautiful centerpiece or use it in a more practical way. This bowl is also a great host or hostess gift to give at any gathering this season!

 Vagabond House Lemon Glass and Pewter Pitcher

Vagabond House Lemon Glass and Pewter Pitcher

If you’re looking to subtly add lemon-themed products to your home, this pitcher is the perfect piece to include to your serving ware collection. It is made of timeless glass with accents of lemons at the base of the handle. This pitcher will inspire you to pour a cold glass of lemonade and relax.

 Pickard China Lemon Tree Dessert Mug 10 oz

Pickard China Lemon Tree Dessert Mug

You’ll fall in love with our lemon tree patterned dessert mug. This quaint mug will be your go-to for trying out those mug cake recipes you find on Pinterest or your coffee after dinner.

Incorporate lemons into your diet and kitchenware this summer with these versatile, vibrant products from The Pink Daisy.

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