Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers are one of the most memorable celebrations for expecting parents, as this event helps them prepare for their bundle of joy’s arrival. A registry is usually created and will contain a list of items the expecting parents are interested in, from essentials like diapers and baby wipes to more functional items such as car seats and strollers.

If you’ve got an upcoming baby shower to attend and a registry list hasn’t been created, or you’d prefer to gift something unique, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out The Pink Daisy’s top choices of baby shower gifts this year to help make the celebration even more special.

Mud Pie Milestone Block Set
  • Boy/Girl Mud Pie Milestone Block Set. Make every milestone count with this trendy gift. Milestone blocks are a great prop to use when photographing and journaling the baby’s growth, whether by weeks, months, or years. What better way to save those precious memories than by having a visual representation of the baby’s timeline?
Little Giraffe Luxe Twist Baby Blanket
  • Little Giraffe Luxe™ Twist Baby Blanket. Blankets are essential for babies, and you can’t go wrong with this luxurious twist blanket in cream. With dimensions of 29” by 35”, the baby is sure to be kept warm and snug while wrapped in this richly textured baby blanket. Personalize the blanket with the baby’s name for an additional fee!
Little Me Footie Sleeper
  • Boy/Girl Little Me Footie Sleeper. Ensure a warm welcome for the baby with this adorable wardrobe staple. This sleeper set includes a footie that snaps from neckline to feet for easy changing and a matching hat made of 100% cotton. Sizing is made specifically for the baby’s first few months, so this set is ready for plenty of wear!
Arthur Court Bunny Keepsake Divided Plate
  • Arthur Court Bunny Keepsake Divided Plate. This charming divided plate is all they will need for the baby’s feeding time! Dimensions of 9.5” by 6” by 1” ensure plenty of space for food and the divider makes for easy separation. Not to mention, the plate is in the shape of a bunny—bright-eyed, bushy tail, and all!
Vera Wang Wedgwood Infinity Baby Frame
  • Vera Wang Wedgwood Infinity Baby Frame. Gift this timeless 4” by 6” silver-plated frame by Vera Wang for a beautiful memory they can always look back on. The raised detail infinity knot symbolizes unity and enduring love, making it a stunning piece to display at home.

Overall, the best gift is one that comes from the heart. No matter what you choose to bring to the baby shower, you are helping to make your loved ones’ lives a little easier so that they can fully enjoy their baby’s arrival.
Interested in seeing the rest of our selection? The Pink Daisy has plenty of baby shower gifts to choose from and can even help you create the perfect gift package for your loved ones.

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