Perfect Picnic Accessories

Summer comes with ample time to enjoy the sunny weather with your friends and family. There are so many ways to do so, from days at the beach to backyard barbecues and picnics! The Pink Daisy wants you to celebrate the tradition of picnicking, as July is National Picnic Month. Whether it’s a picnic in the backyard or a meal at the campground, these must-have items will make your picnic picture perfect.

Calaisio Large Square Breadbasket w/Up Handle 9" W x 4.25" H

Calaisio Large Square Breadbasket. It’s not a picnic without a basket! These lidless models are hand-made in the South Pacific, constructed of vines grown in remote mountain jungles. Each basket is extremely strong – in fact, these are more durable than traditional picnic baskets, making them perfect for toting around whatever you’ve cooked up for your picnic.

Gien Bagatelle Tablecloths  47" Square Tablecloth

Gien Bagatelle Square Tablecloth. Instead of a traditional red-checkered tablecloth, spice up your picnic spread with this warm, vibrantly patterned model. Covered in colorful flowers, this tablecloth is perfect for enjoying food on in the great outdoors.

Milestone Lotus Tin Plate Picnic Set  Set/4

Milestone Lotus Tin Plate Picnic Set. Tin plates are ideal for outdoor picnics because they’re light and easy to clean. This set mimics antique Chinese plates, serving as a fun spin on the traditional paper or plastic plates we’re used to using during backyard picnics or camping trips.

Juliska Picnic Small Tumbler 8 oz.

Juliska Picnic Small Tumbler. No picnic is complete without a light, bubbly refreshment! Serve yours up in these adorable tumblers, speckled with charming little insects. These Portuguese mouth-blown glasses are the perfect addition to your picnic spread.

Mariposa Cocktail Napkin Box with Adirondack Chair Weight 5.75"SQ

Mariposa Cocktail Napkin Box with Adirondack Chair Weight. When a gust of wind comes through, there’s nothing worse than chasing after your napkins. Prevent that problem with this exceptionally useful napkin holder. It’s handcrafted and designed to keep your napkins in place whenever the breeze blows. The Adirondack chair adds extra inspiration to sit back and enjoy your time outdoors!

Soak up all that summer has to offer with a laid-back picnic. Shop The Pink Daisy for all of your picnicking needs. 

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