How To Create Your Dream Registry

You’re getting married! Aside from choosing a venue, deciding on a cake, and finding the perfect dress, you’ve got to create your wedding registry. With all of the stress of planning on your plate, picking gifts you want to receive on your special day should be fun. Here are a few tips for Bucks County brides to make registering for wedding gifts exciting and stress-free.

  • Register Early:  Your friends and family will want to start buying gifts for your wedding from the time you announce your engagement up until your wedding day. Make sure to set up your wedding registry early so your guests can start shopping as soon as possible.
  • Opt for Variety: Consider each item you add to your wedding registry. Think about everyday items like silverware, glassware, and dishes. Incorporate things you’ll actually want to use, too. Consider registering with a store that offers a variety of items so you can cover a number of needs with one store.
  • Shop Together:  Bring the fiancée along for the ride. After all, you two are in this together, and should be choosing gift items that you’ll both get some use out of. Take turns picking out gifts, or assign different categories for yourselves. This allows both of you to be involved in the decision making.
  • Choose Multiple Outlets:  Allow your guests the luxury of choice. Register with a few stores so that the guests can choose from a variety of price ranges and gift options. Limit yourself between two and four stores so you don’t overwhelm your guests with too many choices.
  • Get Greedy:  Well, sort of. Over-register for gifts, so your guests don’t run out of options to choose from. Don’t worry – this doesn’t make you look greedy. This prevents repeat gifts or worse…running out of gifts to buy!
  • Know Policies:  Get to know the policies of each store you register with. Ask an associate about their return policy, as well as the various methods of viewing and ordering from your registry. Make sure that there are a number of convenient ways for your guests to order you gifts, including online, in-store, and over the phone.
  • Vary Prices:  You want to register for a range of prices when you choose wedding gifts. Consider choosing and categorizing items into groups such as $50 and under, $75 and under, $100 and under, etc. This way, no matter how well a guest knows you or how much they have to spend, there will be a gift on the list that is appropriate.
  • Don’t Forget the Honeymoon:  You may not need all of the typical wedding registry gifts. For example, a couple who has lived together for a while may already have plates and silverware, so consider registering with a honeymoon website. This allows you to generate money to put towards your honeymoon, as well as spending money.
  • Search for Rewards:  A number of stores have rewards systems in place for couples who create a wedding registry with them. These rewards can include the opportunity to receive a discount on items you didn’t receive that were on your list. Consider your guests, too, and look for stores with a variety of shopping options or that offer rewards for the gift giver.

  • Spread the Word:  It is considered rude to include your wedding registry information along with your wedding invitation. It is customary to let your guests know by word of mouth, so pass this job off to the parents or the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Remember, registering for your wedding should be a fun and stress-free event. Start creating your free wedding registry on The Pink Daisy by clicking here!

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