The Evil Eye

Learn more about the origins of the Evil Eye and how an L’objet + Lito object can protect you.

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What does the Evil Eye mean?                                          

The Evil Eye has served as a symbol of protection against misfortune in a variety of cultures around the world. It is the name of a look given to someone that’s meant to inflict harm, suffering, or any form of bad luck, but it’s also the name of the talisman said to ward off said bad luck.

What does the Evil Eye do?

The evil eye is said to be powerful enough to inflict disaster or misfortune unto the person who receives the glare. From Greek and Roman culture to the Middle East, Asia and beyond, anyone who was praised too much or recognized for things beyond what they deserved were believed to be at risk from the Evil Eye. Any disease or mental illness that could not be readily explain was said to have been caused by the Evil Eye.

In Hindu culture, it is believed you are more vulnerable to the negative effects of the evil eye when they’re going through a major life change such as puberty, marriage, or childbirth.

Where does the Evil Eye come from?

The bad luck associated with the Evil Eye can come from virtually anywhere. Hindu culture believes that women are more commonly the source of the evil eye and even animals can give one the evil eye.

How do you protect yourself against the Evil Eye?

The various cultures that fear the Evil Eye have developed several talismans to ward off evil. Prophylactic, meaning protective or “turns away,” talismans help ward off the malice that is said to spread from the Evil Eye. Typically, they are a disk shape and feature concentric blue and white circles that resemble an eye. The staring eyes are meant to force the malicious gaze back onto the source of the Evil Eye.

In addition to these amulets, Greeks would carry incense or across to protect themselves against the Evil Eye. New mothers, especially, would tuck items under their pillows for protection, like nails, gunpowder, bread, garlic, or silver buckles.

Today, the Evil Eye’s surrealistic “talismans” are a sign of good luck and protection. The Eye serves as a constant reminder to be aware, to dispel negative energy, and to seek beauty in the everyday. It is also representative of a connection between two souls, or L’objet + Lito.  

Why is the Eye so popular now?

The Evil Eye has always had an influence on many cultures, but it has seen increased popularity in pop culture, especially in jewelry. Celebrities from Madonna to Mick Jagger and Nicole Richie have been seen wearing amulets or Kabbalah bracelets, another source of protection against the evil eye. It makes sense that these talismans would be popular amongst the famous – too much praise can bring about the bad luck!

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